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To relax,you could pay to go to a spa or a retreat. You could also create a peaceful haven at home. Bedrooms are relaxing spaces. But, you want a place where,simply by entering the room, you feel stresses of the day flow down and away from your shoulders and back.

A Peaceful Haven is a Step Away

Pick a room that’s close to a beautiful, open outdoor area. Paint walls soft colors like light blues, light greens or a light peach color. Soft neutral colors work well too. If the room is furnished, that’s fine. If not, consider only adding a small sofa and several of the below items:

  • Plants – Plants that bud at the onset of spring could help you to remain calm and balanced as you experience change in your life. Green plants that require minimal care to grow can illustrate to you how consistent care pays off.
  • Mildly scented candles – Candles offer a relaxing vibe whether they are lit or unlit. Go for milder scents rather than scents that take over the entire room.
  • Incense – Similar to candles, incense offers a relaxing aroma. Choose decorative, wood incense trays to capture ash.
  • Open space – Focus on creating as much open space in your peaceful haven as possible. Two to four pieces of furniture is plenty. Lack of clutter can create an open feeling inside your being.
  • Lots of natural light – Hang light colored window treatments. Keep the window treatments open during the day. If your peaceful haven at home leads out onto a porch, enjoy sitting on the porch one or more days a week.
  • Beautiful, natural views – You could paint nature scenes on the wall, hang pictures of you enjoying being outdoors in nature or you could choose a room at your home that faces beautiful, open natural views. What you see impacts how you feel, so gift yourself with beautiful sights.
  • Hang wind chimes outside the room - Enjoy the sound of the chimes as cool breezes push across your front or back porch,whichever is closest to your peaceful haven.
  • Small bookcase – A single small, three to four shelf bookcase adds décor to your peaceful haven at home. Intersperse colorful book ends, family portraits and knick knacks with positive quotes on them between your favorite motivational and uplifting books on the shelves.
  • Hardwood floors – Choose a room that has hardwood floors as your peaceful haven at home. It could help you to feel more centered than a carpeted floor. Bring a mat into the room for yoga and meditation.
  • Soft music – Play your favorite soft music to bring out your creative side. Turn the music down low and free yourself up to explore ideas you felt too busy to contemplate earlier in the day.
  • Wall designs – Hang one to three motivational quotes on the walls. Choose motivational quotes that resonate with you. These could be motivational sayings that have moved you emotionally since you were a kid, since you graduated from high school or college or since you became a parent.

Keep floors and furniture clean. Similar to open space, a clean room inspires positive feelings.

Visit your peaceful haven at home one or more days a week. For example, you could enjoy reading a book or doing yoga or meditating in the room for thirty minutes to an hour three to four days a week.